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Material thickness from 0.2-30 mm
20 Series Servo Precision Leveling Machine
32 series manual stencil leveling machine
Material thickness from 0.1 to 5 mm
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JIUZH is a metalworking expert, specializing in sheet metal leveling machines. Our machines are widely used in stencil leveling, laser sheet metal parts leveling, metal stamping sheet leveling, saw blade leveling, electronic PCB board leveling, and a variety of other industries.

Jiuzh Group

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Perfect preparation for further processing

METAL leveler

The leveling roller utilizes the “Bauschinger effect” material to repeatedly stretch and compress the sheet between the upper and lower rolls, carrying out multiple alternating bending in both positive and negative directions. This process gradually transforms the multifold curvature of the sheet into a single curvature, resulting in a flat and consistent surface. The residual stress of the sheet is small and evenly distributed. The leveling roller is used in machinery, metallurgy, vehicles, metal structures, ships, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, and other manufacturing industries, as well as metal materials storage, plate distribution, and other related industries. Users can use the machine as a standalone unit or integrate it with various types of plate, strip processing, and forming equipment to extend its functionality.

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