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60 series manual precision leveling machine

Product Details

The Quadruple type medium thickness plate series precision leveling machine is designed for products with high requirements of quasi-flatness. It is applicable to all kinds of iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, mesh plate, laser cut plate, alloy plate and other metal material products. It serves the automobile and motorcycle parts, aviation, high-speed rail, chain plate, saw blade, fine blanking, sheet metal and furniture and electric appliance manufacturing industries.


The machine eliminates internal stress, restores and improves the flatness of the parts, and the accuracy can reach micron level. It provides qualified spare parts for the next bending/welding and other processing processes.


The stick type plate leveling machine utilizes the “Bauschinger effect” of the material by using a large number of leveling rollers arranged densely with a small spacing between them. The material is bent repeatedly through the upper and lower rows of staggered leveling sticks until it tends to zero value and is finally leveled.


The staggered support rollers ensure the best degree of support for the leveling stick to avoid bending deformation and strengthen the steel of the whole machine. The leveling stick forms a four-fold leveling stick structure with two upper and two lower ones to ensure stable, efficient and high-quality leveling effect.


Leveling width400mm600mm
Roll diameter60mm
Maximum plate thickness5mm
Rated plate thickness0.8-5.0mm
Number of rolls19pcs (Upper 9 Lower 10)
Shortest workpiece10*90mm
Auxiliary rollersUpper and lower 2 sets eachUpper and lower 3 sets each
Leveling adjustment methodFour-point manual turbo adjustment
Leveling speed0-12m/min
VoltageAC three-phase 380V 50HZ (can be customized)

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