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Five precautions in the use of plate levelers

  • JIUZH 

As a kind of large-scale mechanical equipment, the plate leveler must be operated in accordance with the regulations when it is used, otherwise it is easy to lead to failure problems and potential safety hazards. Below, Jiuzhong Intelligence shares with you the five major precautions in the use of plate levelers, hoping to help you.

  1. Forward and reverse rotation is not optional in the operation of the plate leveler, and the machine must be stopped first; After the emergency stop is opened, select forward and reverse; When coiling, pay attention to the sheet material not to touch the wire, in case the wire is broken.
  2. After the leveler is used for a long time, check whether the screw is loose, and if it is loose, it needs to be tightened with a wrench; If you encounter professional problems, you must ask professionals for handling;
  3. Pay attention to the maintenance of the plate leveler, where there is a grease nozzle, add butter once a month. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the roller surface, and do not allow welding slag, short sheets or other things to fall into the roller room, so as not to damage the leveling roller.
  4. When someone checks for maintenance or refueling, it must be ensured that the power supply of the machine is cut off. When turning on the machine, also pay attention to whether anyone is too close to the machine.
  5. Establish safety awareness, pay attention to personal safety, and all rotating parts should not be close to contact!

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