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Flatbed machine leveling metal material safety operation procedures

  • JIUZH 

1、Wear and put on the protective equipments.
2, the operator must be familiar with the equipment structure, performance and oil lubrication system, refueling parts, check whether the rotating part and electrical switch is safe and normal, and lubricate the equipment as required.
3、Adjust the roller height according to the thickness of the material, and then open the empty car test run to check.

4, the operation of the mind should be concentrated, pay attention to the sound of mechanical operation is normal, is strictly prohibited with others talking and laughing. More than one person should be responsible for simultaneous operation, unified command, command to pay attention to other people’s safety.
5、Feeding steel plate is strictly prohibited to stand. Discharge the material when the operator to stand in front of the side, not allowed to use their hands to support the pallet material to follow up, the hand is not allowed to enter the range of 200mm from the machine rollers. In the flat 300 × 300mm specifications below the plate is not allowed to wear gloves.
6, need to level the steel plate, through the leveling machine when the surface shall not have mud, bumps, steam welding slag and grease and other things.
7, work on the auxiliary table is prohibited to put tools, so as not to bring into the roll.
8、Work in the event of a temporary power failure, to immediately disconnect the power supply.

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