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Functional characteristics of thick plate leveler

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Jiuzhong Intelligent focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of leveling machines, leveling machines, leveling machines, etc., and its main products include all-CNC four-fold leveling machines, full-CNC six-fold leveling machines, punching mesh precision leveling machines, aluminum plate leveling machines, copper plate leveling machines, iron plate leveling machines, roller leveling machines, thick plate leveling machines and other leveling equipment. For customers to eliminate the internal stress of materials, restore and improve the flatness of parts, and achieve low cost, high efficiency and high quality for the subsequent bending, welding and other processes.

Thick plate leveler

Functional characteristics of thick plate leveler:

  1. The whole set of thick plate leveling mechanism is compact, reasonable in planning, sensitive and convenient in conditioning, and high in production efficiency;
  2. The production of thick plate leveling machine is strictly in accordance with the industry mechanical specifications, and we track the production and installation of each component throughout the process;
  3. PLC is used to stop centralized control of the thick plate leveler, and the touch screen is displayed and operated, so that the automatic production can be strong, and the processing efficiency and precision are high;
  4. The electrical components of the thick plate leveler are purchased from well-known brands, which ensures the high performance, stable operation and processing quality of the leveler.

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