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How can I level a workpiece that has been deformed after welding?

  • JIUZH 

Sheet metal workpiece welding will often appear after welding bending deformation of the situation, then how to deal with this situation, what machine can be quickly on the workpiece welding deformation problem leveling?

The workpiece is not big, you can use mechanical leveling, if the workpiece can not be placed on the mechanical leveling equipment, then use the flame baking method of leveling. Take the flame leveling words to look at the material, thickness, etc. to determine the initial temperature and terminal temperature, to avoid carbonization of the surface of the workpiece. JSLW-Machinery is more recommended to use the leveling machine to level the metal, metal materials in the larger elastic-plastic bending conditions, regardless of the original bending degree of difference, CNC precision leveling machine using the material’s “Bauschinger effect” on the plate for many times, “the leveling machine can be used for a number of times. The CNC precision leveling machine utilizes the “Bauzinger effect” of the material to repeatedly bend the plate many times, gradually reduce the bending deflection, so that a variety of original curvature gradually becomes a single curvature, and flatten it to achieve the leveling accuracy required by the process. When in use, on the operating table, according to the plate thickness, plate width, material strength and other parameters or database parameters can be set into and out of the underpressure, to realize the work of the rollers out of the motorized adjustment, such as into the gap, and can be manually adjusted and corrected.

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