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How much does a leveler cost? What does it do?

  • JIUZH 

In the sheet metal fabrication industry, the quality of the product determines the success and future prospects of the business. This requires that all sheet metal parts processed require high standards of rigor and the straightening process must be part of high quality production. So how much does it cost an enterprise to choose a suitable leveling machine? And what is its role?

There are also huge profits to be made from the use of automatic straightening and leveling machines. Through standardization and automation of the process, roll leveling guarantees consistent, high-quality results. Compared to manual straightening, productivity is greatly increased. Straightening parts with roll leveling machines offers decisive advantages, as customers are well aware. They often use standardized production processes that rely heavily on smooth downstream machining processes. Unstraightened sheets are at risk of angular errors, rework and non-conformity in the next process (edging, bending, etc.).

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