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How to choose when buying a leveling machine

  • JIUZH 

If you want to buy a suitable leveling machine, you must first understand the principle of the leveling machine, there are many types of leveling machines, but the basic principle is the same, that is, when the coil passes through the leveling machine, the rollers of the upper and lower rows of the leveling machine are dislocated and pressed to achieve the leveling effect, which also determines that the thicker the thickness of the leveling material, the larger the diameter of the roller, and it is according to the thickness of the leveling material to divide the types of leveling machine. According to the different thickness of leveling materials, the commonly used leveling machines for stamping production can be divided into: precision leveling machine GJ10, precision sheet leveling machine GJ, precision leveling machine JM3, material straightening machine CLH, and thick plate material straightening machine HCL.

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