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How to maintain a precision screed

  • JIUZH 

Sheet metal leveling is our most commonly used product leveling equipment, can make the product plane accuracy to obtain the best effect, and how to maintain after the purchase of leveling machine has become a big problem, leveler manufacturers JIUZH-Group for you to answer: how to maintain the precision leveling machine? inform you that when maintaining the leveling machine, first of all, the mechanical part of the leveler, the exposed parts of the machine and the parts that are easy to rust, you should often add butter or anti-rust oil to avoid rusting of the machine, gears, sprockets and other parts need to be filled with lubricating butter once every 15 days.

Secondly, it is necessary to clean the leveling drum, some plant dust may be relatively large or the raw materials are not clean, leading to the metal plate leveling machine leveling drum is dirty, and the leveling product is polluted or scratched when the product, thus forming the unqualified product.
Therefore, remember to pay attention to cleaning the leveling drum, and the leveler needs to use a long cloth when cleaning the drum. Anti-rust cleaning oil, first spray the screed drum with anti-rust cleaning oil, then spray the anti-rust cleaning oil and metal materials with the cloth stacked together, and then convert the screed to manual, press the metal data and cloth together into the leveling drum, wait for the cloth to come out of the discharge port, and then remove the metal impurities, and save the cloth in the screed drum, and then convert the leveling machine to automatic, grasp the inlet and outlet cloth with both hands, and apply the roller rolling and cloth friction to clean the dirty things on the drum, so as to achieve the effect of leveling the drum clean, there is a certain risk in this cleaning process, please be sure to pay attention to safety。

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