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How to use the straightening machine to correct the deformation plate

  • JIUZH 

The deformed plate is a deformed metal plate, the general deformed steel plate can not be used, we need to correct the deformed iron plate use, the deformed steel plate is relatively hard, manual, there is generally no way to operate, so some leveling equipment is generally used to correct the deformed steel plate, the application should be regarded as a steel plate leveler, and then we will understand how to use the leveler to correct the deformed steel plate.

  1. The correction of the thinner plate should be corrected, using a thicker steel plate as the backing plate, and the zero plate on it for correction, or several long sheets can be stacked and put into the correction.
  2. The center is flat and the edge is wavy for the correction of the plate, and the backing plate can be added to the flatter part of the middle part, so that the middle part is also thinned and elongated, and the edge is equal in length, and the meaning of correction is reached
  3. The correction of the longitudinal wavy shape in the middle of the steel plate leveler and the flat plate at both ends can be added at both ends to make the two also thin, stretch and the middle part of the same length, and achieve the intention of correction.
  4. One side is wavy, and the other side is the correction of the flat plate, and the backing plate can be added on the flatter side to make it thin and elongated, and the same length as the wavy side, the plate can be corrected. This plate can also be corrected by applying pressure directly on the leveling side to stretch and thin this side, so that the two ends are of equal length.

This article describes how to correct a deformed plate using a straightening calibrator. After correction, the bent deformed steel plate can be used. In fact, not only deformed plates, but also some other plates need to be corrected. Of course, in addition to orthopedic correction with an orthopedic machine, a plastic surgery machine can also be used. In fact, their functions are pretty much the same.

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