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Introduction to the composition and structure of the plate leveler

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Leveling machine, also known as leveling machine, leveling machine, plate leveling machine, etc., is mainly used in correcting various specifications of plates and shearing plates, and its application range covers many industries such as machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, electronics, electric power, light industry, etc. Below, Jiuzhong Intelligence will introduce you to the composition and structure of the plate leveler.

  1. The frame part of the leveler

The frame is the main body of the leveler equipment, which is composed of a base, a vertical rod and a connecting beam, and is connected into a closed prestressed steel frame shear wall with 4 taut anchor bolts. The sound card frame is welded and annealed to remove thermal stress. The sound card frame has sufficient compressive strength and bending stiffness to ensure that the ductile deflection values are small under larger loads to meet the needs of the board correction.

  1. The roller part of the leveler

The roller part is the working part of the leveler equipment, including the working roller and the back-up roller. The working roller material is 60CrMoV, the quenching and tempering heat treatment strength is HB286~ HB321, the induction hardening strength is HRC56~HRC63, the deep layer of the hardened layer is 6 mm ~ 11mm, the surface roughness is 0.8 μm, and the standard tolerance is h6. In order to achieve the bending stiffness of the working rolls, three rows of upper and lower back-up rollers are set in particular.

The upper and lower back-up rollers are equipped with wedge iron adjustment organization, and the upper and lower parts can be manually adjusted to ensure excellent contact with the working rollers. The upper and lower back-up rollers adopt the whole row type, the back-up roller seat is a rational number of sections, the structure is reasonable, and the upper back-up roller can also be independently pulled out along the vertical direction of the equipment, which can be quickly dismantled and replaced, which greatly reduces the on-line maintenance time.

  1. a movable beam

The movable beam is a piece closed-test electric welding structure, and the overall annealing treatment after welding is used to remove the thermal stress, and it has sufficient bending stiffness and compressive strength to ensure the leveling precision of the plate and reduce the leveling frequency. Using the guiding surfaces on both sides of the guide rail slider, the movable beam can be moved up and down and cornered, and the movable beam and other moving parts can be pulled out of the sound card frame structure horizontally, which is convenient for maintenance and repair. The movable beam is equipped with 4 sets of hydraulic press piston rod cylinders as side roller lift equipment, and the working pressure of light load liquid can be pressed down during the static load test or while straightening, and it has the hardware configuration standard of super powerful leveler. The piston rod cylinder of the hydraulic press maintains the balance of the movable beam, and there is sufficient energy to clear the gap between the movable beam and the ball screw nut, so that the opening of the roller in the work is greatly increased, and the situation is maintained for a long time, which is beneficial to the initial unevenness beyond the standard plate to understand the leveling.

  1. Press down the corner tissue

The depressed tissue and the corner organization are combined, the depressed corner tissue is installed at the upper end of the sound card frame and the connecting beam, using group technology, applying two same movable system software, driven by 2 brake motors, 2 reducers to push 4 vortex rod pairs and 4 spiral pairs, so that the movable beam can be accurately and automatically accurately positioned and conveniently shaken. Run 2 sets or 1 set of power units, complete the parallel plane lift or skew of the movable beam and the upper working roll machinery and equipment, and be able to level the plates with different thickness and materials, and achieve the best flatness requirements. A balancer is provided above the movable beam to clear the void of the extruder screw and ensure the leveling quality. Run two depressive motors, and push the ball screw to do upper and lower fitness movements according to the reducer, gear coupling, rotating shaft and worm gear reducer, so as to complete the parallel plane lift of the movable beam organization. Running each pressed down motor to complete the shaking of the movable beam organization can make the movable beam accurately and accurately positioned, which is more beneficial to the leveling of the plate.

  1. a main transmission device

All working rollers in the upper and lower rows and the upper rollers on both sides are equivalent circuit positive rollers. The main transmission device is operated by 9 communication and AC variable frequency motors according to the coupling-reducer-universal coupling-working roller equipment, so that the machinery and equipment rotate. Two sets of reducers are all over the equipment, one four-in and four-out pushes all the lower straightening rollers, and the other pushes all the upper-straighten rollers with five in and five out, which is the invention patent of “equivalent circuit full-split roller main drive”.

  1. Dry oil centralized lubrication system software

The lubrication system software of the leveler includes three parts: oil pool thin oil splash lubrication, dry oil centralized lubrication, and manpower lubrication on time. In addition to the reducer using thin oil splash lubrication in the oil pool, and the guiding surface and movable axle pin using manpower to lubricate with dry oil on time, all the lubrication points of the equipment use electric multi-line oiler centralized dry oil lubrication. According to the oil independently provided by the electric multi-line lubricator and the dry oil pipeline to each lubrication point such as rolling bearing, worm gear box, extruder screw, guide surface, etc., when the oil channel is blocked or the lubrication system software is blocked, there is a corresponding data signal.

  1. Automatic control system of electrical equipment

The equipment is set up with a main and auxiliary workbench, which are placed on both sides of the machine and equipment. The main workbench adopts Advantech industrial computer from Taiwan, Siemens PLCPLC and its AC contactor, micro automotive relay and other components. The automatic control system of electrical equipment adopts 220V, 50Hz AC power supply system, the main power supply circuit is operated by AC contactor, and the control loop is operated by automobile relay.

  1. Feeding and discharging rollers

The plate leveler feeds and exits the roller equipment with power drive equipment, and the fitness movement speed server is consistent with the fitness movement rate, which is reliable in operation, and the support frame is firm and durable.

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