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Leveling machine manufacturers: the principle of small CNC precision leveling machine

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In all walks of life have to use products made of metal, and how to ensure that the flatness of metal products and bending error value, all need to use we only know that the metal can be adjusted to level or straighten the equipment, but do not know his scientific name and what is its principle, today, this kind of sheet metal processing and manufacturing equipment manufacturers for you to explain: “Leveling machine manufacturers: small CNC precision leveling machine principle”. Principle”

Small CNC leveling machine, leveling machine, leveling machine breakthrough in foreign technology blockade. Adhere to the road of self-research, innovation-based, science and technology to strengthen the country. Precision up to 0.08-1.0mm, low cost, cost-effective, easy to use. Metal materials in the larger elastic-plastic bending conditions, regardless of its original bending degree of difference, CNC precision leveling machine using the material’s “Bauzinger effect” on the plate for many times repeated bending, gradually reducing the bending deflection, so that a variety of original curvature gradually become a single curvature, and leveling, to achieve the required leveling accuracy.
In the industry has been widely used with advanced technology, high leveling accuracy, wide range of processes, high degree of automation, high intensity under the work of reliable and stable and so on, in the roll leveling process, metal plates through a series of alternating bending, through the motor and PLC control of each leveling roller under the amount of pressure of the precise control, eliminate internal stress, fundamentally solve the problem due to the stress of each part of the plate is not the same as that produced by the leveling effect is not ideal. The unsatisfactory leveling effect is solved fundamentally due to the different stresses in each part of the plate, thus realizing high-precision leveling.
Compared with other leveling methods, the control system of this leveling machine has the functions of storing, calling, editing process and equipment parameters and has the function of recognizing and warning for misoperation. When in use, on the operation table, according to the parameters of plate thickness, plate width, material strength, etc. or the existing parameters in the database, you can set the inlet and outlet under pressure, and realize the motorized adjustment of the work roll outlet and inlet gaps, etc., and can be manually adjusted and corrected.

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