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Leveling machines: the right hand for straightening workpieces

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A leveling machine is a machine used to straighten metallic or non-metallic workpieces. It is widely used in the processing of steel, aluminum alloy plate, titanium alloy plate and other materials, and can straighten the workpiece to be flat and specification. This article will introduce the principle, classification and application of this equipment.
The leveling machine will clamp the workpiece by two sets of pressure rollers and apply forced deformation force mechanically or hydraulically, thus realizing the purpose of straightening the workpiece to flat and straight. The shape and size of the cross-section of the workpiece will be changed mainly by rolling, and the thickness will be changed appropriately while ensuring the continuous flow of the workpiece.

According to the transmission method, the leveling machine can be classified into hydraulic, mechanical, electric and so on. The applicable types are different in different industries.
In addition, there are branch models, fully hydraulic models, fully mechanical models, and models with automatic feeding devices. Among them, the fully hydraulic type leveling machine has advanced technology and high precision, which is more advantageous in processing large and complex workpieces.
Leveling machines are widely used for processing various metal materials. For example, the thin plate materials on the automobile or airplane, the rails laid under the roadbed of high-speed railroads, etc. need to be processed by the leveling machine to ensure their smoothness and strength. In addition, the leveling machine has important applications in the fields of national defense, shipbuilding, construction, chemical industry and so on.

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