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Multi-leveling machine leveling principle

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Nine heavy leveling machine through the multi-group roller rolling type leveling to achieve the effect of leveling, the use of upper and lower rows of work rollers and support bearings between the installation of support rollers, constituting the upper and lower each of the two heavy a total of four sets of roller structure, the beam can be moved up and down and also can be tilted to adjust the angle of the colonel leveling rollers tilted to form a slope attenuation of the formation of the leveling, to improve the leveling degree of the plate up and down the leveling rollers of the gap can be controlled at different points, the leveling rollers to different adjustments, can eliminate center concave and wavy edge defects. Adjustment of the leveling roller, can eliminate the center of the concave and wavy edge defects, leveling roller force distribution is uniform, good steel, the work roller deflection deformation is small, high leveling accuracy, the process of slope attenuation straightening, the workpiece after repeated twisting, so that the length of metal fibers gradually converge to the same, eliminating the internal stress, restore and improve the flatness of the parts from the fundamental solution to the ordinary leveling of the ordinary leveling of the leveling is not flat, easy to produce roll marks indentation, the workpiece collapsed angle, sickle bend and other problems, improve the leveling of the plate, improve the leveling of the plate, improve the leveling of the workpiece. It can solve the problems of unevenness, easy to produce roll marks and indentation, workpiece collapse angle, sickle bend, etc., and improve the straightening accuracy of the plate, with a wide range of applicability, and the surface of the material won’t leave roll marks, and high straightening accuracy.

Transmission: universal coupling connects the upper and lower leveling rollers, so that the upper and lower rollers are fully driven, avoiding the power loss caused by the passive specialization of the upper rollers of the conventional models and the disadvantages of scratching the surface of the material.
Bearing: imported precision bearings, high precision, strong bearing capacity, long service life.
Precision leveling machine than ordinary leveling machine with higher precision, the effect is more ideal to ensure stability, excellent leveling effect, saving labor costs, so that the scrap rate and rework rate down to very low!
The rationale of leveling: 1. Eliminate the internal stress of the material. 2;
2、Restore and improve the flatness of parts;
3、Preparing for later bending/welding process.

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