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New method of metal forming forging for steel plates

  • JIUZH 

Metal forming forging is an important process in the production of sheet metal. Through various metal forming forging, we can get the look and size we want. However, there is one process in metal forming forging that has been a headache for many factory owners and nippers, and that is the flatness of the products produced. As we all know, a product must be perfectly combined with products made of other materials in order to go from design to molding to assembly. In the actual production, we also know that some force majeure factors or material process problems, metal products face deformation problems, so is there a product to solve the flatness of the plate plate?JSLW-Machinery leveling machine manufacturers for you to answer the question: the steel plate metal molding and forging a new method of high-precision leveling machine

Plate leveling machine, including the frame, a plurality of upper rollers and a plurality of lower rollers, upper rollers and lower rollers are fixed to the frame, each upper roller corresponds to a height adjustment unit, the lower roller has a transmission unit. It is characterized by high degree of automation, reliable and stable work under high intensity, etc. In the process of roller leveling, the metal sheet is bent through a series of alternating bending, and the internal stress is eliminated through the precise control of the amount of downward pressure on each leveling roller by the motor and PLC control, which fundamentally solves the undesirable situation of leveling effect due to the stresses of each part of the sheet being not the same, so as to realize the high-precision leveling.

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