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Operation method and precautions of thick plate leveling machine

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Accompanied by the rapid development of stamping processing, the thickness and strength of the customer coil material has been greatly enhanced, many customers stamping coil material thickness are more than 3.0mm, at this time in the use of the market common precision leveling machine, half cut-off type leveling machine can not achieve the actual effect, thick plate leveling machine is precisely for the solution of the customer’s thick plate material leveling difficult to develop a new type of leveling machine to solve the traditional leveling machine for the plate material pressure is limited, low precision, In order to solve the problems of limited pressure, low precision and low material discharge of traditional leveling machine, the thick plate leveling machine is designed to change the traditional spring-type leveling adjustment into turbine-worm type leveling adjustment, and the in-feeding relaxation and out-feeding relaxation adopts the pneumatic compression relaxation to realize the transmission and leveling of different thicknesses of the plate material, which makes it easy to operate and high precision, and at the same time greatly improves the discharging rate of the leveling machine.

First, the operation method of thick plate leveling machine:
1, firstly, open the feeding flattening cylinder to make the feeding flattening roller in the raised position, and then open the feeding pressing cylinder to the relaxed position. Worm gear micro-adjustment device, adjust the height so that the upper and lower rollers are separated by a distance slightly larger than the thickness of the plate.
2, the material head into the material into the flattening roller under the pressure of the flattening cylinder to the material head bending straight open the flattening cylinder to send the material forward to the material into the rollers, under the pressure of the pressure of the gas pump so that the material into the rollers pressed material, at this time will be switched to the manual position of the electronic control box switch, according to the inching press the button to make the material material into the material XuXiXu. Material sent into the leveling machine for a short period of time to see the material leveling situation, if it is downward curved “leveling downward bending” means that the amount of downward pressure is not enough to adjust the fine-tuning device downward pressure. If it is upward curved “leveling upward curved” is an indication of the material under pressure is too large, adjust the fine-tuning device to rise, and repeatedly adjusted until straight.
Second, thick plate leveling machine use precautions:
1, before starting the leveling machine, be sure to ensure that its centerline and the centerline of the punch press die feed to maintain consistency.

2, thick plate leveling machine can not be used out of its scope of use (i.e., the width and thickness requirements), the operator must master its operating principles before operation, must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the instruction manual (supplied with), while paying attention to the use of the safety, must pay attention to the use of the entire production line operation, such as anomalies, you must immediately stop the punching machine, and then stop the leveling and feeding device.
3、Thick plate leveling machine has two operation modes, manual and automatic. In manual mode, the material feeding and backward movement can be controlled by two kinds of actions, “forward” and “reverse”, which is mainly used for adjusting the machine and testing the mold; in automatic mode, the material and leveling device are controlled by 24V induction frame sensor, which can control the material feeding and backward movement. Under automatic operation, the material and leveling device are controlled by 24V induction frame, which can automatically control the start and stop of the leveling machine. When automatic continuous punching is required, the selector switch must be in the position of “Auto”, otherwise, the leveling machine will not run automatically, and the punching machine will pull the material, which will cause damage to the mold and other dangers.

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