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Leveling Difficult Materials

  • JIUZH 

Parts leveling machines produce simple results – flat parts – but they are actually sophisticated machines that can handle difficult-to-correct material deformations.

Examples include punched and heat-treated materials. Both of these materials often exhibit intermediate wave deformation or edge wave deformation. The correction of such parts or plates requires special measures and techniques.

In the case of (partially) perforated plates and heat-treated materials, the advanced leveling roll bending control feature allows for a special increase of the leveling pressure in certain areas of the part or plate, while reducing the leveling pressure in other areas. With this controlled leveling, the material is extended in the desired longitudinal direction, thus reducing or even eliminating intermediate and edge wave distortion.

High tensile strength materials are another difficult material to handle. The handling of such materials requires a high-powered machine with very large-diameter leveling rolls in combination with the corresponding roll spacing, which reduces the material stresses and provides good flatness.

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