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Performance characteristics of hydraulic leveling machine

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Sheet metal leveling machine is commonly used in the manufacturing industry, correction effect is good, correction efficiency is also fast, in recent years in the market is particularly popular. Interested in why the leveling machine is popular in the market, this answer needs to relate to the operational advantages of the leveling machine. In this article, I will take you to understand the performance characteristics of the leveling machine, I hope that all readers can with JIUZH-Group to understand.

1)Leveling machine is a cold rolled steel coil, stainless steel coil, aluminum coil, etc. cut into various specifications of the metal plate.
2)The standard configuration of hydraulic steel plate leveling machine consists of loading car, uncoiler, pallet pressure device, limit device, leveling host, movable bridge, sizing machine, re-filming device, shear, conveying table, pneumatic discharge rack, hydraulic lifting table, discharge table, hydraulic system, electrical control system and so on.
3) The main parts of the hydraulic leveling system of the production line adopts high-precision parts, and the dimension system is controlled by the full-positioning servo system. It is characterized by high degree of automation, good leveling quality, high shearing precision, high production efficiency, stable and reliable performance, and convenient operation and maintenance.

These are some of the advantages of leveling machine. Do readers know the reason why leveling machine is widely used in the market? In recent years, the application space of leveling machine in the market is more and more extensive, and the price difference of leveling machine in the market is very big, which can meet the needs of different groups for the use of leveling machine.

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