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Explanation of the working principle of plate leveling machine

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The leveling machine produced is also called leveling machine, flat machine, leveling machine, straightening machine, straightening machine. The machine can be applied to the leveling of various cold and hot rolled plates. Because of its convenient and simple operation, the application range spreads over many industries such as machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, electronics, electric power, light industry, etc. Especially in the industries of shipbuilding, rolling stock, boiler and bridge, metal structure factories, etc., it has become an indispensable and necessary product in production. The formal name is plate leveling machine, the following introduction to the background

At the end of the 20th century, the world’s steel rolling technology developed rapidly. Rolling production has made great progress in automation, high precision and continuity. Rolling production is an important production link and the main method of rolling steel ingots or billets into steel. Because the steel produced by rolling method, with high productivity, strong continuity of the production process, more varieties, easy to realize the advantages of mechanization, automation, etc., and than forging, extrusion, drawing and other production products, higher performance, lower cost. At present, about 93% of the steel is rolled into material. Non-ferrous metal production is also a large number of applications of rolling methods.

Straightening is the latter part of the metal material processing process, this process can significantly improve the quality level of the product, greatly improve the product in the rolling, cooling and transportation process produced by a variety of shape defects. For example: the arc bend of the rail, the transverse and longitudinal bending of the plate and strip, edge wave, sickle bend and other defects. Straightening machine has become an indispensable equipment in rolling workshop, and it is widely used in various factory workshops which take slabs as raw materials, such as automobile manufacturing plant, shipbuilding plant, etc.

The working principle of the field straightening machine is the theory of plastic bending straightening, strip in the rolling and leveling process produces internal uneven stress, when the stress value reaches a degree, it will cause the plate shape of the ladybird curve or wave shape, bending straightening machine utilizes the existence of internal stress to improve the shape of the plate. The strip to be leveled under the action of the tension applied by the tension roller group, continuously through the upper and lower alternating arrangement of a number of groups of small-diameter bending rollers bending, such as Figure 1.1. the strip of the longitudinal fibers of the length of the non-uniformity in the stretching and bending of the cooperation along the length of the direction of the plastic extension of varying degrees, the tensile bending straightening technology to make the longitudinal fibers of the length of the tend to be the same, which reduces the internal stress of the non-uniform distribution, eliminating the internal stress due to the presence of the straightener. The uneven distribution of the longitudinal fibers eliminates the defects in the board shape caused by the difference in the length of the longitudinal fibers.

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