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Precautions for moving the plate leveling and leveling machine

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Due to upgrading and reconstruction of sheet metal workshop and re-layout of the site, there are cases of moving the position of plate leveling machine from time to time. The process of improper operation of the moving machine is prone to cause some equipment appearance damage and performance failures and other issues. For example, the machine body is damaged, the parts are deformed and damaged, the leveling unit is shifted and so on, which directly affects the normal use of the leveling machine. It needs to spend some time and manpower for overhauling, which reduces the capacity and competitiveness.
Today we introduce you to a few relevant points of attention, I hope to help you avoid the occurrence of the above situation, to protect the leveling machine equipment and personal safety.

Plate leveling and leveling machine moving notes:
1. carefully read all the precautions in the operation manual about the moving of the leveling machine;
2. make sure to install the safety transportation device supplied with the machine to the corresponding position of the machine;
3. Disconnect the power supply;
4. appoint a supplier with lifting qualifications and choose the appropriate lifting equipment according to the actual conditions of the plant;
5. keep the machine level at all times during lifting;
6. during transportation, try to keep the machine stable and avoid violent vibration;
7. re-adjust the level after the machine is in position;
8. remove the safety transportation devices;
9. start and test the machine function.

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