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Precautions for operating a precision leveler

  • JIUZH 

The precision leveler is suitable for cold, in order to ensure the processing effect of the precision leveler, as well as the safety of employees, there are some precautions that need to be familiar when using and operating the precision leveler. The leveling and straightening of metal plates such as hot plates, galvanized sheets, aluminum plates, color-coated plates, stainless steel plates, sheet metal parts, PCB plates, etc., are widely used.

  1. It is necessary to pay attention to the abnormal phenomenon at the junction of moving parts and fixing parts, the loosening of fasteners and other problems;
  2. In the process of operation of the precision leveler, it is not allowed to start the pressure lifting device;
  3. Close to the transmission side, do not approach people during the work process to prevent accidents;
  4. It is not allowed to turn over or stack on the roller table of the machine;
  5. Lubricate and check each sliding part before going to work.
  6. The precision leveling machine should park the workpiece smoothly to ensure that the position is correct, and then start the precision leveler. After starting the machine, avoid hands and clothing being rolled into the roller table of the precision leveler.

The length of use of the precision leveler is not only the quality of the precision leveler we purchased, but also the understanding, operation and maintenance of the precision leveler in daily use.

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