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Precision leveling machine how to maintain the oil?

  • JIUZH 

When it comes to leveling machine, as the name suggests, it is used for leveling processing, the cutting and leveling of materials can not do without this equipment. In the use of precision leveling machine, we not only need to operate correctly, but also to do a good job of maintenance, in order to extend the service life. So, precision leveling machine should be how to maintain the oil?

1, to pay attention to maintenance, where there is a grease nipple, add grease once a month.
2, leveling machine if a long time after use, to check whether the mother of screws loose, such as found need to use a wrench to tighten.
3, pay attention to the cleanliness of the roll surface, do not allow welding slag, short small sheet material or other things fall into the roll between, so as not to damage the leveling roll.
4、Establish safety awareness, pay attention to personal safety. Where the rotating parts can not be close to contact, send the sheet into the precision leveling machine, people’s clothes or hands, etc. from the rollers can not be too close.
5, in someone check maintenance or refueling, need to ensure that the machine power supply all cut off. Precision leveling machine in the boot, but also to pay attention to whether someone too close to the machine.

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