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Problems to pay attention to when using a leveling machine

  • JIUZH 

Nowadays, many machining industries use leveling machines, especially in plate processing often.So, do you know that you need to pay attention to those problems in use? Let’s take a look with the editor.
1, when you buy the leveling machine, you must be equipped with the instruction manual, understand the corresponding parts, and start using it after the corresponding operation steps.
2, must immediately guarantee the cleanliness of the machine when used, no blockage phenomenon. This is conducive to the maintenance of the machine, guarantee the use of the effect.

3, the use of school leveling machine, before the installation of the ground at the power plug (also known as: lightning), to ensure that the use of equipment with normal electricity, do not arbitrarily decorate the equipment, which is likely to cause danger. School leveling machine installed on the pressure mold and the lower pressure mold, in which the upper pressure mold is fixed in the hydraulic cylinder pusher, the hydraulic cylinder body is fixed in the bracket.
4, the use of the nozzle should pay special attention. If the nozzle is damaged and can not work properly, do not disassemble and install it. The leveling machine is equipped with upper and lower compression molds, in which the upper compression mold is fixed on the push rod of the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder is fixed on the bracket, and the upper and lower compression molds are set separately.
5, the use of smoke, overheating parts in contact with the abnormal sound, smell the smell of paste must immediately stop the operation. Leveling machine leveling machine, also known as correction machine, leveling machine, placed between the material frame (or welder) and feeder, for coil leveling feed.
The above is the introduction of the problems that should be noted in the use of the leveling machine, I hope to help you. If you have other problems or questions, please email us.

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