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Reasons for burned out motors of precision levelers

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Reasons for burned out motors of precision levelers
We can see a variety of precision leveling machines in the market, because many life activities need to use precision leveling machines. The use of precision leveling machine will greatly improve the production efficiency, but also less likely to fail. If we often encounter motor burnout when using precision leveling machine, there must be a reason, we need to adjust the reason to find out and then repair, the following to understand the reasons for the burnout of precision leveling machine.

1, the use of the process, the thickness of the leveling material exceeds the range specified by the precision leveling machine. If the thickness of the material exceeds the specified range, it will increase the load of the motor, which may lead to the jamming of the leveling roller, and the long-term leveling of over-thick material will lead to the motor burning.

2, there is another situation is that the material waiting area between the material frame and the precision leveler is too long, so that the material frame overloads the leveler due to heavy action, which will also cause the motor of the precision leveler to burn out.

3、The material thickness is not too thick, but the precision leveler before the material release frame is a non-powered device. Need precision leveling machine to pull the material to put the volume, which also increases the precision leveling machine motor load, long-term use will also cause motor burnout.

4, precision leveling machine drive gears with iron filings, resulting in gear jamming or not smooth, will also cause frequent burning of the precision leveling machine motor.

5, precision leveling machine roller bearings excessive wear, resulting in poor transmission, will also increase the load of the precision leveling machine, resulting in frequent motor burnout.

The above five reasons will cause the precision leveling machine motor burned, the user can determine the reasons for your precision leveling machine burned according to this knowledge, so as to replace the new motor to avoid these problems, so that we will not encounter frequent burned again, I hope that the knowledge introduced above will be of practical help to you.

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