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Regarding the steel plate leveling machine, do you know what it is used for?

  • JIUZH 

Steel plate leveling machines are also called leveling machines, flattening machines, leveling machines, etc. For different metal materials, they are also called steel plate leveling machines, galvanized plate leveling machines, etc.

The main working principle of the steel plate flattening machine is to level metal coils of various materials and cut plates into fixed lengths.

There are many materials that the steel plate flattening machine can process, such as: galvanized sheets, color steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, tinplate, aluminum sheets and other metal coils.

The machine has a simple design principle and is easy to operate. It can be used in a variety of industries, such as metallurgy, building materials, hardware, electronics, light industry and other metal structure industries.

The following introduces the structural principles of the steel plate leveling machine:

Usually, the leveling machine is designed with 19 leveling shafts, arranged in an upper nine and a lower ten, and the diameter of the leveling shafts is set according to the thickness of the material.

The steel plate flattening machine has a shearing device. After setting the size and quantity through the PLC numerical control box, the work of automatically unloading and cutting the plate can be completed.

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