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Sheet metal leveling machine and coil leveling machine Difference in structure

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1, in and out of the material guide device difference:
① coil material leveling machine needs to have a circular guide roller device and blocking wheel device to assist the material in and out to ensure that the material in the production process can be smoothly in and out of the material as well as the material is not scratched, in and out of the material blocking wheel [Jin Zhide standard for lifting the blocking wheel] will be blocked with the material in the center of the machine, to ensure that to achieve a good effect of flattening and not easy to generate the material to run out of the phenomenon.

② Sheet metal leveling machine is used for a piece of stamping parts, sheet metal parts, it does not need in and out of the material guide wheel, in order to facilitate the sheet metal in and out of the material, in the Jin Zhide sheet metal leveling machine in and out of the installation of a horizontal auxiliary pallet, just sheet metal or stamping finished products on the pallet gently pushed down in the material can be fed into the leveling of the material, horizontal discharging pallets to facilitate collection of products after leveling.
2, for medium-thickness plate material leveling, medium-thickness plate coil material leveling machine and medium-thickness sheet metal leveling machine adjustment method is different: metal coil leveling process adjustment will be more force, it is necessary to install the worm gear micro-adjustment device to adjust the four micro-adjustment device two two connected together into two groups of handwheel adjustment, so that the leveling of the banding process can be easily adjusted. But there will be a disadvantage, connecting the fine-tuning device when adjusting the benchmark of the drum will be more troublesome, each fine-tuning device of the worm gear and worm clearance is not the same, in the process of leveling will result in uneven force phenomenon. So to achieve a good leveling effect, you need a long time to patiently adjust.
Medium plate sheet metal leveling machine in order to achieve good leveling effect, are used with scribed fine tooth screw with adjustment, so that the scribed screw can be individually adjusted and there is no gap in the phenomenon of four screw force uniformity, the leveling effect will be much better, the adjustment will also be very convenient.

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