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Thin plate leveling machine, solving the problem of leveling ultra-thin metal plates below 0.5mm.

  • JIUZH 

Whether it is metal sheet or coil, once the thickness is less than 0.5mm, the material is particularly easy to deformation, then how to solve the deformation of such ultra-thin metal materials, you need to use a special leveling equipment (leveling machine) to solve this problem. So the thin plate leveling machine is able to level the material below 0.5mm through those points, and can even level the 0.1mm thickness of the material’s principle and technical basis is what?

JIUZH-Group thin plate leveling machine manufacturers to organize the following five applicable principles for everyone to understand and discuss:
1, the principle of physical leveling based on metal materials in the larger elastic-plastic bending conditions, regardless of its original bending degree of difference, CNC precision leveling machine using the material’s “Bauzinger effect” on the plate for many times repeatedly bending, gradually reducing the bending deflection, so that a variety of original curvature gradually become a single curvature, and leveling to achieve the required leveling accuracy. Process requirements of the leveling accuracy.
2, thin plate leveling machine roll diameter selection, for 0.1-0.5mm of different metal materials using 8-15mm diameter roll diameter, more coverage of the blind zone, so as to better leveling of thin plate
3, leveling roller processing technology, due to the smaller the roller diameter processing difficulty, so the choice of leveling machine manufacturers to require the surface roughness is not higher than ra0.8!
4, leveling machine leveling roller arrangement, experienced manufacturers to have the best way of calculation
5, thin plate leveling machine CNC system, set the precision value should be less than 0.01mm!

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