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What is the difference between plate leveler and ordinary coil leveler?

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Plate leveling machine and leveling machine seems not much difference, in fact, they are more or less in the functional structure of the difference. They are both different in the production process and the use of scale. Although both devices have the role of leveling, but they are also different for the operation. The following leveling machine manufacturer editor will say what are the differences between plate leveling machine and leveling machine.

Nowadays, there are mainly three kinds of leveling machine equipments in the domestic market: ordinary leveling machine, precision leveling machine and high-performance leveling machine. They are three kinds of equipment in the structure of the leveling rolls with good support, smaller distance of the leveling rolls and adjustable worktable. The drive system of the leveling rolls is very important for the efficiency of the leveling machine, as all the rolls have to be driven.

The leveling machine equipment is the uneven metal plate through the upper and lower rolls will be a certain thickness of the strip or plate extrusion, so as to achieve the effect of leveling machinery and equipment. According to the common classification can also be divided into three categories:

1. Leveling machine production line: used for leveling metal plates after the cut-to-length, belonging to the metallurgical equipment production line supporting equipment.

2. Single machine leveling machine: generally applicable to single sheet metal plate flattening.

3. Leveling feeder: It is suitable for active leveling and feeding of rolls and strips in the stamping process.

Leveling machine is mainly used to correct various specifications of plates and shear into blocks of plates. Leveling machine has advanced technology, high leveling accuracy, wide range of processes, high degree of activation, high strength under the work of good reliability features, can be applied to a variety of cold, hot rolled plate leveling. Because of its convenient and simple operation, it is used in many industries such as machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, electronics, electric power, light industry, etc. Especially in the industries of shipbuilding, rolling stock, boiler and bridge, and metal structure factories, it has become an indispensable and necessary product in production.

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