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What principles should be based on the purchase of leveling machine?

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The leveling machine is widely used as the main processing equipment of steel, and is generally located in the terminal link of material processing, so it is very critical for the quality of steel plates. There is also a special selection of it, otherwise the functions of the leveling machine may not be able to be brought into full play.

Jiuzh Group
Jiuzh Group

Although the leveler is only a processing device, it can improve the shape quality of the processed panels, while also providing it with appropriate elongation and surface roughness, among other things. Under the requirement, it is necessary to carry out uniform deformation and texturing treatment in the width direction of the smoke material of the balancing machine, and reduce the unleveled area on the edge, so as to improve the yield rate. Moreover, it is necessary to select the leveling machine according to the basic characteristics such as thickness, width, hardness and so on of the material, and the equipment must be consistent with the material.
At present, the four-roller leveling machine is not only the original model, but also a widely used model. The main reason is that this equipment has a positive and negative hydraulic bending device for work rolls, which can effectively control the plate shape and straightness of the plate, and can eliminate the transverse thickness difference of the steel to a large extent, which is in line with the basic principle of optimal application.

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