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Which leveler is good in China?

  • JIUZH 

Product comparison and selection is a necessary process for users to choose items suitable for their own use, through the selection, parameter comparison we can obtain high-quality and low-cost goods, so as a metal leveling artifact – how to identify the quality of the leveler?

To demonstrate the good or bad of a leveler product, we have to understand the principle and parameters of this product, through the comparison of principles and parameters, we look at the price of each manufacturer, and finally consider the brand and other factors. At present, according to the literature of the forging industry, we can know that the leveler uses metal materials under the condition of large elastic-plastic bending, no matter how different the original bending degree is, the CNC precision leveler uses the “Bauszinger effect” of the material to bend the plate many times, gradually reduces the bending deflection, gradually changes a variety of original curvature into a single curvature, and levels it to achieve the smoothness required by the process. Through this principle, it is not difficult for us to find that if we want to bend a metal material repeatedly, we need to use the roller of special material and the design and precise control of reasonable design and arrangement, so as to best level the material to be corrected and straightened.

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