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Why do plates need levelers?

  • JIUZH 

An item exists in this world is a certain reason, the appearance of the leveling machine is no exception, it is to level the plate and exist. Then we need to understand why the plate needs to be leveled this step? There are several reasons for this.

Plate in the process of processing needs to be used to leveling machine for leveling, mainly due to its processing and manufacturing process to see, will be subject to residual stress, mechanical cutting or thermal cutting, temperature changes and other factors, making the plate there are internal stress and flatness defects, in order to reduce the rework rate of this part of the product and the rate of scrap, leveling is not a good method.

In the traditional process, the welding of the material without leveling is very complex, if not using some advanced technology, welding time, welding safety will also be at a disadvantage, making the cost increase. This also shows the necessity of leveling work.

In fact, if you want to achieve the required flatness, other processes are also available, but if the use of precision leveling process, the raw material will be more economical. Coupled with the use of continuous bending technology, leveling efficiency will also have a substantial increase in the entire enterprise’s profits are very favorable.

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