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How to choose a leveling machine more reliable?

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When buying a leveling machine, professional sellers ask the following questions:
①. How much leveling/leveling accuracy is required?
②. What is the material? What is the material?
③. Is the material in rolls or sheets? What is the length, width and thickness? Did not ask will ask for a test machine, the effect of sampling shall prevail.
The buyers who have understood the leveling machine will ask: “④ How many rolls is the leveling machine? “

Down with the case to explain the above questions:
① flatness to silk as a unit, 1 silk is equal to 0.01mm. usually use a plug ruler for measurement.
② Material, stainless steel leveling machine price will be higher;
The material with high elasticity (e.g., thin purple copper round sheet appears to wobble when you get it in your hand) is generally difficult to achieve good leveling effect.
③ Rolls of material than the sheet material to achieve good leveling effect.
Under the premise of realizing the same flatness, the price of the leveling machine rises linearly with the width and thickness of the material.
Generally speaking, the more the number of rolls, the higher the leveling.
Summarize: when you buy a leveling machine, you need to specify the leveling accuracy, high precision requirements need to choose the number of rolls of the leveling machine, exclude the number of rolls of less, reduce the cost of the test machine, the actual effect of the sampling shall prevail.

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