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Instructions for the purchase of precision leveling machine

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The leveling machine, also known as the straightening machine, is a device specially used to remove the internal stress of the material and correct and flatten the material (or finished product). There are many types of leveling machines, and the types are also diverse, not counting the customized models, the types of leveling machines on the market have passed ten kinds, so a wide variety of leveling equipment has undoubtedly brought a big problem to the customer’s purchase, so how to buy a suitable Jin Zhide precision leveling machine for their own processing? The key is to figure out their own four major needs, which is the purchase of the leveling machine:

  1. The characteristics of the material to be leveled. First of all, it is necessary to find out whether the material is a sheet or coil, and then the material, hardness, toughness, and yield strength of the material, and then figure out the large width, large thickness and width of the material that needs to be leveled.
  2. Understand the needs of the stamping process and determine the accuracy and speed requirements of the required leveling machine. Different stamping processes have different requirements for leveling accuracy, and some stamping processes do not require the material to be completely flattened after leveling by Jinzhide leveling machine, but need the material to be upturned and warped to a certain arc in order to cooperate with the subsequent mold production process, and at the same time, there is a great difference in the processing speed of different stamping processes, so it is necessary to determine the speed requirements of the leveling machine required for stamping.
  3. Understand the principle, type and difference of leveling machine. In order to buy a suitable Jin Zhide leveling machine, it is essential to understand the principle and type of the leveling machine:
    First of all, the principle of the leveling machine, no matter what kind of leveling machine is actually the same leveling principle, the way of dislocation and pressure of the leveling roller is used to achieve the correction of the material, and the reason why the correction ability is different, the fundamental reason is that the diameter of the leveling roller is smaller, the thinner the leveling material, the more the number of leveling rollers, the higher the leveling accuracy;
    Secondly, to clarify the principle of the division of the types of leveling machine, Jin Zhide leveling machine is divided according to the thickness of the leveling material, precision leveling machine for 0.05-0.3mm thick materials (leveling roller diameter 12mm), precision sheet leveling machine for 0.1-0.6mm thick materials (leveling roller diameter 20mm), precision leveling machine for 0.3-1.2mm thick materials (leveling roller diameter 32mm), medium plate leveling machine for 0.5-3.0mm thick materials (leveling roller diameter 60mm), thick plate leveling machine for 1.0-6.0mm thick materials (leveling roller diameter 90mm).

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