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JIUZH-Group’s parts leveling machines

  • JIUZH 

Still worried about the high scrap rate of sheet metal products, high cost, and difficult to meet customer quality requirements? While you are racking your brains to find a solution, perhaps you have neglected the basic process in the whole production process – leveling and stress relief.

Traditional methods of leveling sheet metal, such as: manual heating, hammering, use of coilers or pressure straightening machines, are only working on the surface of the sheet. Not only is the leveling poor and time-consuming, but also the internal stress of the material itself cannot be removed. After such plates are processed by bending, welding and other procedures, angular deviation cannot be avoided, resulting in long working hours, low processing safety, uneven joints, high rework rate and other problems.
JIUZH-Group’s parts leveling machines can straighten stamped, laser-cut and flame-cut parts to both flat and virtually stress-free results in just a few minutes. The integrated leveling gap adjustment function dynamically recognizes changes in the leveling gap and adjusts the leveling pressure to ensure excellent leveling results. Furthermore, the processing quality is non-rebounding and the remodeling is extremely high.

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