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Poland wants to purchase precision leveling machines, which manufacturer is better?

  • JIUZH 

Leveling machine, leveling machine or can be called leveling machine, are our daily sheet metal processing or plate production or CNC cutting indispensable mechanical equipment, so this kind of equipment and instruments widely used in daily use – leveling machine manufacturer which is better?

  1. Look at word of mouth: the reputation of the leveling machine manufacturer can reflect the product quality and reputation of the manufacturer from the side, which can help users to understand the manufacturer preliminarily, if a manufacturer has a bad reputation in the market, then how to believe in his products, so it is recommended that you choose a leveler manufacturer with a good reputation.
  2. Look at customer cases If the manufacturer has a wealth of metal plate leveling processing cases, then it is bound to accumulate rich experience, and will have rich experience in correcting some materials that are difficult to level, for example, drones that require an accuracy of 0.01mm flatness error, 5G equipment industry, and some perforated mesh plate metal plates and alloy materials. It is much more reliable than those with no customer cases.
  3. Look at the leveling machine manufacturers engaged in the industry for many years, at present, due to the fierce competition in the market, product homogenization is inevitable, therefore, a long-term manufacturer, the quality of its products is generally reliable.

Finally, Xiaobian will briefly talk about the principle, so that you can buy worry-free in the follow-up: the leveler equipment is to use the “Bauszinger effect” of the material to bend the plate many times, gradually reduce the bending deflection, so that a variety of original curvature gradually become a single curvature, and leveling it to achieve the smoothness required by the process. Therefore, it is better to choose a leveling machine or a big brand like JIUZH-Group!

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