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Purchase of Precision Leveling Machines for the Sheet Metal Manufacturing Industry

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For sheet metal fabricators who have to process a large number of parts in a short period of time, the acquisition of a precision leveling machine will provide a great competitive advantage. This state-of-the-art processing method achieves leveling by alternately bending the workpiece. The leveling rolls are arranged close to each other and placed on top of a full set of support rolls for optimum support. The pressure of the sheet metal part does not bend the leveling rollers, which guarantees the precise leveling effect of the leveling machine. The leveled workpiece not only has a beautiful appearance, but also releases the internal stress of the material. For sheet metal part processors, the ability to obtain virtually stress-free sheet metal parts is particularly significant. Stamping or laser cutting processes stress the part or release inherent stresses, rather than seeing these problems on the surface of the workpiece every time. Deformations or defects due to internal stresses occur once the workpiece enters subsequent processing to become a component. Even if a sheet metal part appears to be flat, problems can still occur during welding. Flatness defects in the sheet metal will cause it to have difficulty entering the welding fixture, and the internal stresses in the material will also make the weld seam rough and uneven. The consequence is that the workpiece must be reworked in a time-consuming and laborious manner, or even scrapped.

With a precision leveling machine, you can obtain flat and virtually stress-free sheet metal parts in a fraction of the time, seamlessly moving on to the following process.
Precision leveling machines equipped with a hydraulic leveling gap control system operate even more efficiently. With this technology, sheet metal parts of different cross-sections can be processed to obtain the desired flatness and eliminate internal stresses. In addition, this style of leveler can always be operated at maximum performance, as its overload protection prevents consequent equipment damage.

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